LowBallVideoChatter: Chris Hanlin, "Tall Trees" -- playing TONIGHT at the Gypsy Lounge!

Last Thursday I wrote this post talking about the Saturday all-star extravaganza at the Gypsy Lounge, and I wondered why the esteemed Chris Hanlin wasn't on the bill. Well, here's your chance -- the extremely talented Mr. Hanlin is playing tonight at the Gypsy Lounge's Tuesday acoustic night, sharing the stage tonight with his brothers-in-sound Jay Buchanan, Chris Karn (of the incomparable Deccatree) and AJ Degrasse.

Here's a clip of Hanlin rocking the 12-string on "Tall Trees," probably my favorite song of his, either when Hanlin does it solo or when he's with his band the Dibs.

From the vast research I've just completed, I found out that this clip is from a show called Open Mic TV that's been running on Time Warner cable systems in OC for about a year now, as well as DirecTV and the Dish Network. They've featured a ton of OC bands and musicians on it -- performance segments have apparently been shot at the Plush Lounge in downtown Fullerton -- but I have no idea if it's still being produced. The web site hasn't been updated in a year, and no one has logged into its MySpace page since July.

Still -- Chris Hanlin!


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