"Love Is the Drug”—and You're OD'ing (one can wish)

I don't care about Valentine's Day, no matter what my relationship status happens to be, but apparently a lot of people do. As I aim to please our ravenous readership, I offer to you three versions of Roxy Music's 1975 hit “Love Is the Drug,” which is as fine a VD-celebratin' song as any (plus, blogging about it allows me to link to my Sprawl of Sound column, in which I review the new Roxy DVD, The Thrill of It All: SYNERGY!).

Below you can view vids of Roxy Music's original, plus covers by Grace Jones and Kylie Minogue. You should be ready to get it on after this audio/visual binge. If not, see me.


Roxy Music's version

Grace Jones' version

Kylie Minogue's version


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