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American Analog Set love to be in love. They love to be loved. They even love it when love dumps you on your ass when you least expect it. And we love them for it—there is a special place in our worn-out heart for the prettiness that is the American Analog Set. These pop pretty boys hail from Austin, Texas, the sleepy southern town that continues to produce lush, prepossessing music (like the Set's most recent full-length, Know By Heart) that's sadly underrated against the karaoke crap ('NSync, Britney and gang) that holds radio America hostage. But right now, they're in Ireland, touring the international pop scene on their new EP, Updates, and you know what? Guitarist/vocalist Andrew Kenny ("Ken") says they're not actually loving it all that much right now.

OC Weekly: So how's everything going in Ireland?Andrew Kenny: Oh, Lord. Well, this is just completely a horrible, horrible situation. We kind of started this tour thinking, "Okay, we usually have one of us in charge of things." But for this tour, nobody really wanted to do it. What has happened is complete chaos. Nobody knows what's going on; nobody knows where the shows are. It's nonstop mayhem, and we've given up on trying to be to shows on time or even knowing where they are. The day before yesterday, we didn't know where the show was the next day—we just didn't know. Someone at the club said, "Oh, yeah, I think you're playing in Limerick tomorrow." And we said, "Are you sure?" And he's like, "Well, I heard a rumor," and I said, "Well, a rumor's more than we've got." And sure enough, we had a show there last night. That's just kind of indicative of this tour. Just complete nonstop mayhem. You guys seem so "good," you know? You come across as these little angels in disguise. So what's the most dysfunctional thing you guys have done on this tour? Have you dined and dashed or stolen little knickknacks from people you stay with?

We're pretty dysfunctional people, like, in just day to day life, but really, we're the lamest band you would ever find on tour. We're usually pretty early to bed. So no juicy stories there.

Is there one band that all of you hate? Like just can't stand?

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Honestly, the American Analog Set doesn't have the anti-band. I want to say the band we complain about the most is probably Bob Seger. But at the same time, Sean and Tom both like a Bob Seger song, so I can't even say Bob Seger. I have such horrible answers to your questions.

No, you don't!

I wish I was like a wild international partier, and I could entertain you more, but that's just the way it is.

So how much could I pay you to be in American Analog Set?

You want to be in American Analog Set?

Yes! I do!

Where were you when we were looking for a keyboard player?

Probably in a drug-induced coma in Athens, Georgia.


I hope you know I was being facetious.

Oh, I'm sorry—I didn't mean to sound put-out or anything, but we get that a lot. Not necessarily drug-induced people wanting to interview us, but people tell us they get high to our records a lot. It just seems bizarre that we would have such a following like that. I mean, our band is more or less predominantly straight-edged. I mean, Lee is hardcore straight-edged. He keeps the rest of us in line in a way that I can't even explain. I laugh because on any given night, people will come up to us and be like, "You guys played a really good show." Of course, Lee will get the guy who's like, "Duuude, I get high to your record all the time, dude. I fuckin' blaze up and just get wooooooo! You guys are great!" And of course, Lee's the only one who would care about that stuff being said to him.

I have to tell you that I love the American Analog Set recordKnow By Heart. I love how you make the line in the song "Aaron and Maria," "They don't give a fuck about us"—you make that sound like the most beautiful, insightful line.

Well, I know my mom didn't like that because I was cursing. But, I think that's one of the highlights of the record because it's just, like, it's the most pop song on the record, but it's the last song that would ever get played on the radio because it's—it's foul. Really, when you listen to the song, it makes total sense that, like, no one gives a fuck about us. Totally perfect.

American Analog Set plays with Her Space Holiday at the Glass House, 200 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 629-0377. Fri., 8 p.m. $9.99. All ages.

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