Looking For Gay Clubs

According to some of you out there (or at least one of you who rides a motorcycle) the Club Listings are lacking for those homosexually-inclined.

These are the gay clubs/lounges that regularly run in the paper (when space allows):

-Executive Suite -Stiff Tuesdays at Proof -Paradise -Lucky Sundays at Tia Juana’s -Mick & Mack’s -Fun House at Frat House -Beer Bust at Ripple’s

Being a straight girl, sometimes I miss the underground/little-known rainbow-friendly happenings.

So please, good people of Orange County, if you know a place where the bears are friendly and the go-go boys are fierce... let me know! And yes, the Boom Boom Room is STILL closed, so don't bother.

Thanks, Erin Clubs Editor edewitt@ocweekly.com

*Due to a technical glitch, listings are drastically cut from our online calendar. Not to fear, it will be fixed soon!


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