Long Beach Rapper Joey Fatts Releases 'Choppa' with ASAP Rocky and Danny Brown

Long Beach Rapper Joey Fatts Releases 'Choppa' with ASAP Rocky and Danny Brown

If we are to take what rappers rap about even somewhat seriously, then rising Long Beach artist Joey Fatts is, like he says, "Michael Vick with clips." That's easily one of the most violent football references we've heard an emcee spit all year, and judging by the block-battering sound of Fatts' new track "Choppa," he's most likely right.

Fatts' newest chamber depleter, "Choppa," is the latest cut from the young LBC representer, and clocks in right over three minutes. The production plays out like the soundtrack to a horror-themed nightmare of a video game, and boasts appearances from superstar ASAP Rocky and gap-toothed underground king Danny Brown. It's another track in a growing line of records that makes it that much harder for the month of May and the release of Fatts' upcoming Chipper Jones Vol 2 mixtape.

"It's a record that Rocky did while he was on the road on the mob's first tour -- the recent tour they just went on. I jumped on tour with them in Oakland before they came down to LA and they played me this record and it was real dope," Fatts says.

"Rocky's my man, he's like my brother. He let me have this record for my mixtape. Danny's my man as well, I just reached him out to him and asked him if he could do it for me and he came through with it."

Though Fatts can get a little too cocky with his comparisons--at one point on" Choppa," he likens himself to "Tupac Shakur if he didn't die"-- show a little too much hubris. But if he can command the direct attention of some of the reigning titans of his profession so effortlessly and rip through a track with such ease, it's an outlook that Fatts may very well prove one day.

Check out the Joey Fatts track "Choppa

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