[Locals Only] Stereofix and Their Catchy Modern Rock Head to Detroit Bar for a December Residency

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Casting nets of effects-laden guitar, modern-rock gloss and radio-ready appeal, Fountain Valley quartet Stereofix seem poised for major-label courtship. Brothers Ray and Kamren Alexander (vocals and lead guitar, respectively), bassist Mark Allan, and drummer Anthony Hainsworth have chops, marketing skills and an impressive résumé. They’ve opened for Everclear at the House of Blues, built a sprawling SoCal fan base and supplied melodramatic pop songs to MTV reality shows. Winning over enthusiasts one catchy chorus at a time, Sterofix hope for another sound conquest during their current Detroit Bar residency.


OC Weekly: You guys have had some pretty exciting gigs in the past year, do you ever feel pressure opening up for big national acts?

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Ray Alexander: Not really. We’re very structured; we have a very consistent practice and routine. In fact, we’re just so excited to play those shows it doesn’t really hit us in an intimidating way. It’s more about adrenalin than anything.

Kamren Alexander: We’re always trying to prove ourselves and show everyone else what we’re all about, so it’s just another opportunity.

Mark Allan: It’s kinda fun just to play with someone who has been around for so long, like Everclear—it’s just really cool.

Where do you guys feel you fit in the OC music scene? What venues around here have supported you the most?

Ray Alexander: I think we were received in Los Angeles a lot better when we first started out. We were spending so much time there playing shows up and down the [Sunset] Strip. Then we just took a step back and said, “Hey, there’s plenty of exciting venues to play right in our own back yard in OC. Why not play here a little bit more and see what happens?” So we started doing that, and we played the House of Blues, Detroit Bar and the Coach House, and all of a sudden, it started clicking that we had a really strong fan base in LA and Orange County.

You guys have recently signed licensing agreements with MTV to use your songs on shows such as The Real World and The City. Is that surreal for you?

Kamren Alexander: Yeah, because they don’t tell us when they’re gonna air them and we don’t watch that much TV, so we get fans in the middle of the night texting us, “Dude, your song’s on MTV!” I get them recorded on my voice mail. And just randomly my mom will be flipping through the channels, and she’ll hear our stuff. It’s so random, but it’s cool.

Does your music generate a lot of comparisons from your fans? Which ones do you agree with?

Ray Alexander: Keen, Coldplay, Muse, U2, the Killers . . .

Kamren Alexander: We have a pretty diverse age group of fans, from 14-year-olds to ages 40 and up. Each generation kinda perceives us differently. They’ll be like, “That riff you were doing was so Jimmy Page” or, “Your vocals remind me of Bryan Ferry.” It’s random, and it’s all different from generation to generation.

What are some things you plan to bring to your residency at Detroit Bar that you hope will keep fans interested?

Ray Alexander: We plan on playing a traditional A-set the first night because that’s what really gets people excited, and then the second night, I think we’re gonna strip down a little bit and play some of the songs people don’t really hear us play because of time constraints. And then the last show, we’re just going to mix up a bunch of those songs and do them acoustically.

Anthony Hainsworth: There’s going to be some songs in there that a lot of our fans haven’t heard in a long time and some that we’ve never played for anyone.

Stereofix at Detroit Bar, 843 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa, (949) 642-0600; detroitbar.com. Every Mon., 8 p.m. Through Dec. 28. Free. 21+.

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