[Locals Only] Iodine 69 Are Chemically Balanced

Iodine 69 discover the wonders of Photoshop

Chemically Balanced

It’s a nice surprise to find a band who know exactly how to describe their sound. Any band who can create a genre that sounds half as entertaining as “Freight Train Porno Space Funk with Latin Flare” [sic—and also sick, straight from their MySpace] is definitely worth looking into.

And the name? Well, it rhymes, so there’s that. The number refers to the birth year of keyboard player Kenneth Marratta. (Of course.) “Iodine”? Let’s just say they know how to lay in the cut. With their sonic slurries of shimmering disco keys, funky horns and right-on-time rhythm, tunes such as “East L.A. Disco” would fit right in as background music for all kinds of sweet ’70s action. Iodine’s sound is more functional and groove-oriented than flashy, which is just how they like it.

Since they formed in 2006, this seasoned band (rounded out by drummer Will Simes, sax player Adrian Olmos, guitarist Jaime Jimenez, percussionist Tyler Nedderman and bassist Dustin Ericksen) have been a regular presence at La Cave, the dimly lit steakhouse that doubles as a local music lair.

You can find them jamming on sprawling fusion tracks such as “Drifter” and “Rhode Trip” every Tuesday at the Costa Mesa haunt. Borrowing inspiration from artists such as Santana and Stanley Clarke, they offer a jam-band take on disco and funk that’s galaxies apart from a watered-down wedding band jammin’ on the oldies—though their main goal is to pack as many people on the dance floor as possible. As their name gets around, OC clubgoers are lining up for a ride on the porno-space-funk express.

Iodine 69 at La Cave, 1695 Irvine Ave., Costa Mesa, (949) 646-7944; www.myspace.com/lacave. Every Tues., 10 p.m. Free. 21+. Iodine 69 can be found online at www.myspace.com/iodine69audio.

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