Locals Only Extra: I&I music video for "Listen Up"

This week in Local's Only, I was fortunate to get the low down on I&I, a group of legit up-and-comers in the OC rap game. In the article that you may or may not have read (those on the latter category click HERE. ) I reference a little bit of their music video for the song "Listen Up", a formidable anthem for fans of our steadfast underground hip hop scene. In this video though, the group (consisting of emcees Irawnik and Insanity as well as DJ Kamoflage) are spending some time above ground in SanTana on Harbor Blvd. and Fifth St. rapping their hearts out. Watching the video, you can't help but wonder how many outtakes consisted of cars honking at them or the cops rolling up. Either way, it's definitely worth a look. Try not to get offended at all the dudes flipping you off.

Don't forget, these guys are opening up for E-40 tonight at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana. More info HERE.


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