Locals Only Extra: Drums and Color Interview

Locals Only Extra: Drums and Color Interview

Though the ink has barely dried on this week's 

Locals Only

, featuring the band Long Beach band

Drums and Color

, we can't help but nudge you again to check out this band of Huntington Beach ex-pats. While in the midst of recording their upcoming, as-of-yet-untitled album, they're also maintaining a steady stream of shows over the summer, full of new material. We even have a few extra comments and questions from the recent column that landed on the cutting room floor. Despite the fact that most of them are just under 21, songs like "To Be Happy" and and "Prodigal" (the latter is currently streaming on their 


) spark with mature indie pop song writing. At any rate, you'll probably be seeing their name around a lot more this summer. And since their gonna playing a free show at one of Costa Mesa's valued strip call conglomerates at 3 p.m. on Sunday, it worth adding to your list of things to do before Memorial Day. They'll be sharing the stage with L.A. folk rockers 

Bobby Pena and the Stowaways

OC Weekly: I noticed that you guys seem to be affiliated with a clothing company called Between Me and You Clothing, is that right?
Kyle Bray: Yeah, that's our bass player's (Dan Mayo) clothing company. He's kinda of taking a break from it right now, but he makes all our band t-shirts. It's based out of his house.

You guys have a few more explosive songs from your last EP, like "Wishbone" and "Prodigal" that have some great jam sequences on them. Is there any intention to recreate that with the new record?
I think we've progressed a lot as a band since then. Those are pretty close to the first songs that we wrote as a band. Since then, we've matured a lot. I'm really proud of the songs we wrote, but I think our newer songs are more mature. We're doing a lot more with harmonies and I think it's a bit easier to listen to.

Do you guys have any specific gigs planned for the summer?
We played a show at the Yost last summer and we've really been wanting to play another Yost show, so we're looking into that. 

Do you want to talk about anything else involving the band?
Our name, Drums and Color is based off the idea of the American Revolution and the drummer and the flag bearer on the front lines. It's kind of symbolic of being on the front lines of society with our instruments and our ideas and that's kind of where the name came from. The idea is that we want to express ourselves with our music, no matter the cost.


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