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Fu Manchu
We Must Obey
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You sit down and write what you think to be some clever lines about the new Fu Manchu album, then hit up Google for some amateur factchecking and come to find it's all been said before. So it goes with a band that changes its tune as often as In N Out changes its menu. Sure, some fans found access to a better stash in bands like Queens of the Stone Age and griped when Fu itself tried to drift slightly toward that mainstream with some less than chronic metal, but it wasn't like they went and started playing new wave songs. We Must Obey, the band's 10th album, is still being hailed as a return to form of sorts because it rocks like they used to rock; which is really like they've always rocked; which is kind of like Black Sabbath without Tony Iommi's knack for minor chords or symmetry. And it has a cover of The Cars' new wave striptease "Moving In Stereo," which is more funny than anything. Also chuckle-worthy is the closing song "Sensei Vs. Sensei," which is like a slow-motion karate battle scored by Anthrax. In conclusion, I'll paraphrase some lines I've read 400 times about Fu Manchu: We Must Obey is like a dense bongload of metal tunes with intense drumming and gnarly-ness to spare. Rock it loud and proud in your ride on the way to the dawn patrol, dude. They may not be original, but they rock (again).

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