Sederra: New band seeks stadiums to rock.
Sederra: New band seeks stadiums to rock.
Courtesy Mike Doherty

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Sure, three-quarters of Sederra may have come from popular '90s band Longfellow, but don't expect to hear much resemblance on this five-song, self-titled disc. After the band's 2002 demise, Tom Schmitt (guitar and vocals), Mike Doherty (guitar) and Darren Reynolds (drums) spent some time writing and playing music with bands such as Die Trying, Homegrown and Papa Roach. They reunited in 2006 and hooked up with bassist Eric Bootow from hardcore band Fourth in Line.

This CD's emotional, sophisticated songs are the epitome of stadium rock--cuts meant to be cranked at full volume until your speakers rattle with a sound that's both passionate and powerful. "Fly to the Sun" and "Erased in a Moment" let the drums, bass and rhythm guitar keep the energy-drenched pace steady while leaving all the flare to the lead guitar and vox. Schmitt flatly states in the band bio, "We like strong hooks and catchy melodies." You think?

"Meteor Shower," however, does a 180--it's a sweet, acoustic ballad sculpted simply with a guitar and a voice. The most charming moments occur when Schmitt goes for the high notes and hits them flawlessly. Reynolds finally gets to flaunt his drumming skills on the EP's final track, "Last Train Coming." Played aggressively and sung with a sense of urgency, the tune hints that that last train must be pretty damn important--and as long as Sederra are driving the engine, it must be a helluva ride.

Sederra perform with Unwritten Law and Lagwagon at the Grove of Anaheim, 2200 E. Katella Ave., Anaheim, (714) 712-2700; Fri., 7 p.m. $20.50.

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