Local Record Review: 'Ready to Kill' by Charles Mansion

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Charles Mansion
Charles Mansion

Charles Mansion

Ready to Kill
Winston Legthigh Records

Admittedly it's been a few months since this Fullerton band's debut album saw the light--we can be sometimes overwhelmed by the releases we have to hand. But some things can be worth the wait, because just the sheer pleasure of hearing a rollicking glam-rock drum beat kicking things off on "Jacket & Tie"--as well as the kind of full-bodied guitar crunch that should go with it--is sometimes just what the doctor ordered, and it kicks off Charles Mansion's

Ready to Kill


Little surprise perhaps that the drummer and one of the singer-guitarists are brothers Jason and Corey Kaiser; they seem to have the kind of sixth sense one would want in a band that makes it living playing out as often as they can. This said, Ready to Kill isn't the sign of a breath of fresh air so much as it is a bit of familiar and fun attitude with a bit of spiky edge--they're a good-time bar band at heart, but that can put a lot of things together in one place, like how the title track turns from '60s R&B to roaring noise on a dime.

Throughout the set, there's the feeling of plenty of bratty '60s garage rock, '70s good-time dudes like Slade and the Faces, Jellyfish's early '90s pop-rock-revivalism (check out the harmonies on "Small Doses") and even a bit of whatever it was kicking around in New York a decade back (though we'll always reserve judgment on the Strokes). None of it rewrites rulebooks, but it all sounds good and wraps up 10 songs in half an hour's space--just enough of a hit to want a little more.

Ready to Kill can be purchased at charlesmansion.us

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