Local Record Review: Justin Soileau from Newport Beach

Local Record Review: Justin Soileau from Newport Beach

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Justin Soileau

On his short debut solo EP following group work in Fathers Against Parades, recent Texas to OC transplant Justin Soileau kicks off with a song called "I'd Never Lie to You"-which, if it refers to the easy going and straightforward music that suggests a variety of '80s college rock approaches in a gentle blend, is a perfect statement of purpose.

While it's clearly as inspired by the past decade's indie rock in general, there's also a bit of Beatles-inspired poppiness, roots-rock revivalism, and a sense that Soileau could have been seen opening for someone like Jellyfish just before grunge hit it big. (Calling a song "Kevorkian" after the famed assisted-suicide doctor is a bit more recent of a reference in turn, though it's a little hard to imagine the titular character whistling a ditty like this while going on about his end-of-life business.) "The Man on the Screen" might be the standout, a slightly downbeat arrangement suiting the glum lyrical portrait-at least until the suddenly jaunty midsong break, of course.


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