Local Record Review: Jameson, From Santa Ana

Local Record Review: Jameson, From Santa Ana


Shuffling Click EP

The original home location Jameson Burt gave on his MySpace page was "a cave in Santa Ana," though he's since abandoned the company of stalagmites for Los Angeles. Perhaps it's not surprising he's played shows at La Cave in Costa Mesa before.

Jameson's debut EP was recorded before he made the move; the veteran of acts such as Echo Echo holds to a familiar set of touchstones, such as Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and, perhaps inevitably, Bob Dylan. It's an understandable pantheon to draw on for a solo singer/songwriter, but the trick is moving out of those shadows--and perhaps not for nothing is one song titled "Something Old Wrapped In Something New."

Local Record Review: Jameson, From Santa Ana

On the EP's best all-around moment, the arrangement comes together during the heartwrecked "Not Ex Plain," in which the comparison point shifts to a more recent figure -- Richard Ashcroft during the Verve's mid-'90s days, when songs such as "On Your Own" and "History" captured a rich mournfulness that complemented his ambition instead of being consumed by it. If this is what Jameson's future points to, then it's reason to keep our ears open.

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