Local Rapper Kadillak Kaz Returns With 'Late Nights' EP

Local Rapper Kadillak Kaz Returns With 'Late Nights' EP

Kadillak Kaz is back, officially. The two-strike Santa Ana rapper who recently faced a 23-year prison sentence for a flimsy car jacking and second degree robbery charge is finally throwing his rhymes out for public consumption with the release of his new EP, Late Nights. Read more about his crazy life story here.

Last time we caught up with Kadillak, the emcee born Deron Hollins was fresh out of jail and in the process of completing his latest full length album in several years while sleeping in a local recording studio as he worked of to finish the product.

The final result--a full length dubbed Late Nights, Early Money--emerged along with an online documentary about his life titled Down Time. The project is broken up into two EPs, with the second one--Early Money--to be released in six months before the full album comes out in 2014. Late Nights is currently available as a free download on the rapper's website as well as on iTunes. Released through his homegrown label, Sky Ballin' Entertainment and distributed through Empire Distribution, it's a project that represents a first concrete step out of the underground and into a mainstream rap career.

"The love I've gotten for the project is overwhelming," the rapper says. "A lot of people are showing love on the Internet and in the streets. It feels great at the end of the day to accomplish what I set out to do. Looking back at where I was and where I'm at right now. It's beautiful."

Check out a sample of the EP below and follow this link to download the full album from Kadillak Kaz' website and iTunes.

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