LMNO, 'Working'

How many rappers do you know that are willing to kill themselves for their artform? Apparently LMNO is on of those dudes. Besides the ugly fate he incurs at the end of his latest video, "Working," off of his new album Push That Work (released Feb. 16 on Up Above Records), he's on track to releasing a staggering 10 full albums by the end of 2010. Talk about killing yourself. 

But let's not forget that as a long time Long Beach MC and founding member of respected underground hip-hop collective the Visionaries, this guy is loaded with material. Demonstrated by his matter-of-fact flow over the Moby-esque beat on "Working" (sounds like a sample of "Porcelain"), LMNO shows that his sagacity and street smarts supply enough inspiration to keep him crankin' out songs. Judging by this video, the only way he can be stopped is if he stops himself.


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