Live(ish) from Coachella: Sunday Morning Coming Down

I'm in the Motel 6, a.k.a. the COMMAND CENTER, but my WiFi expired (24 hours) so I'm iPhoning it in. Pay another $2.99? Heck no! Let's talk about Saturday for a bit, no?

- TV on the Radio were real good. I saw them a few years ago and was kind of "eh" on it, though I always dug their recorded material. This was lightyears from that. Makes me wish I had seen them at the Glass House on Tuesday.

- Fleet Foxes, on the side stage (the "outdoor theatre," if you will) got totally DROWNED THE FUCK OUT by Thievery Corporation on the main stage (the Coachella stage, if you will). That always happens to some degree, but never so obviously as with FF's gentle folk rock succumbing to Thivery Corp's bombastic reggae/Latin/spacey pop/hip-hop blend. So we took a "if you can't beat them, watch them" approach and checked out TC. Kinda neat

- M.I.A. was supercool So much glow in the dark. AUTOTUNE BABY. Which is to say, baby noises put through Autotune. Fans on stage for "Bird Flu." Lots of freaking out for "Paper Planes," which she ended with. Shocking! No Lil Wayne despite rumors.

- Saw most of Jenny Lewis, even though I just saw her five days earlier. I can't resist that live show. Who could? So good, so charming! Though I didn't really "see" much of her, since I was far back and it was sit down time. Love sit down time. She did "Carpetbaggers," "Acid Tongue," etc. Ended with "Rise Up with Fists!!"

- Also saw bits of Band of Horses and Atmosphere. Missed out on Gang Gang Dance and Mastodon. Sucks, but happens (a lot, here).


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