Live(ish) from Coachella: Final Friday Thoughts!

About to head out to take on another day. Whee! Beth Stirnaman is here in OC Weekly Central (Motel 6 in Palm Springs) uploading pics, so soon you'll have some stuff to look at instead of just these awesome plain text posts. Heard Mentality blogger Nate Jackson is here, too. Say hi, Nate!

Before shoving off for Coachella: Part Deux, let's put Monday to bed with some thoughts:

- Franz Ferdinand nailed it. Nice little one-hour set drawing on all three of their albums. "Do You Want To," "Take Me Out," "Ulysses," "No You Girls." Alex Kapranos is probably the coolest guy on Earth, pretty sure.

- They only give you one press wristband for all three days, and it's the paper kind, so not waterproof or removable or anything. Coachella is pretty smelly as it is. Why encourage people NOT to shower?

- The Ting Tings started 20 minutes late and allowed no flash photography. Pretty odd for Coachella. And they kind of blew.

- Saw only a bit of Silversun Pickups. They seemed totally stoked to be playing on the same stage as Leonard Cohen, and adjacent to Morrissey. Saw a bit of Leonard Cohen, too, "Ain't No Cure For Love." Missed "Hallelujah." Bummer!

- Only heard a wee tiny bit of Buraka Som Sistema, but they sounded rad. Andrew Youssef confirmed that they were, indeed, rad.

- I didn't see the Hold Steady, but Phoenix New Times music editor Martin Cizmar told me they weren't great. Sad times, I saw them with him at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ circa fall 2007. He liked Girl Talk (who I also didn't get to see) a whole lot more, though.

- Another thing I didn't do: I didn't pee ONCE the whole time I was out there yesterday. Fuck you, port-o-pottys.

- Keep checking our Twitter! Updates slowed down last name because my phone went on strike, but fingers crossed that it'll be better today.


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