Live From Street Scene: Day Two!

Just yesterday, I was remarking how much more comfortable Street Scene is than Coachella. That was after the sun went down. Standing here in the late afternoon on the pavement watching Ra Ra Riot on the main ("Fulano") stage, I'm not so sure. They sound just fine, though, doing tracks like "Each Year" and "Oh, La." This is the third time I've seen them in six months, and I'm still into it. It's an absolutely PACKED day today. Headed over to the "green" stage in a few minutes to watch Costa Mesa-based singer Zee Avi, whom I wrote about in this week's OC Weekly. The Los Campesinos! Then Public Enemy. Then Faint, Busta Rhymes, Ted Leo, etc. etc. Yikes! Saw Crocodiles earlier, also BlacK Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. Yay for wacky contrasts! Sorry for the lack of photos on this blog--doing it from my phone, and couldn't connect on WiFi on my laptop at the hotel last night. Also, phone blogging makes every post just one long paragraph. Trust me, I'm hitting return. (For naught.)


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