Live from Coachella: The Body Says No (plus, Okkervil River, Sebastien Tellier, Lupe Fiasco!)

Live from Coachella: The Body Says No (plus, Okkervil River, Sebastien Tellier, Lupe Fiasco!)

Hey, did you know it's hot here today? 98 degrees at last word. But it "feels" like, I dunno, a billion? Yep. Pretty awesome. Trying to summon my (in?)famous reserves of ENDLESS ENERGY, but not necessarily succeeding. The Cure are probably going to play like three hours today. That's pretty cool. Is it cool enough to keep us all alive until then? Only time will tell. I'm more sweat than man at this point. Like Hydro-Man, from Spider-Man. But made out of sweat, instead of just regular water. There are flies buzzing around people as if they were dead.

But, music! Pretty great! Lupe Fiasco is on the main stage right now, doing tunes like "Hip Hop Saved My Life" and "Go Gadget Flow." He's come a long way from his guest spot on Kanye West's "Touch the Sky," first in his slot on 'Ye's Glow in the Dark tour last year, and now hitting the "Coachella stage." Lots of neat hip-hop today; the Knux earlier, Lupe now, and Public Enemy later.

Okkervil River (pictured) played on the main stage before Lupe (yeah, indie folk sandwiched between two hip-hop acts--gotta love the wacky randomness). Will Sheff is a witty dude, telling the crowd to give them all their energy and not share it with any of the other acts (a tongue-in-cheek contrast to the constant "there are so many great acts today! I'm so glad you chose to see us!" you hear from bands all day long here). They ended with "Lost Coastlines," and "Life Is Not A Movie or Maybe" gradually getting the crowd (still fairly sparsed so early in the day) more and more into it until they metaphorically ejaculated with "Unless It's Kicks, Man." Good stuff.

Also saw a bit of Friendly Fires, Fucked Up (thrash punk! pretty different than most stuff at Coachella) and Sebastien Tellier. Lupe's doing "Superstar" now, and Lykke Li is ongoing at the side stage, with her countrymen PB&J on the main stage nearly immediately after. Gotta gizzo!



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