Live from Coachella: Like a Musical Tasting Menu

What up. On my laptop now, in the glorious PRESS TENT. Couches! Free (warm) water! It's...beautiful.

I noticed that all of my phone posts didn't have any linebreaks, making all my posts look like one giant paragraph. That's fun.

We're in full-on "sethopping" mode over here: saw most of Los Campesinos!, who rocked. "You! Me! Dancing!" killed. Lots of charming on-stage talk, too. The Gobi tent was packed and overflowing--kinda seemed like one of those memorable Coachella performances that'll end up giving a band even more buzz.

Saw M. Ward for a bit after that, he was wearing a baseball cap, that was surprising for some reason. Doesn't seem like a hat guy, no matter what the weather, y'know? He was solid, doing tunes like "Poison Cup," playing solo with his guitar, playing with his band, playing piano, etc.

Black Keys are on now. Can hear them pretty well from the luxurious press tent. They just did "10 A.M. Automatic;" fun tune. Think gonna try and check out the Ting Tings next.

Fun Coachella pastime activity: spotting hideous tattoos! I'll try and take some pics if the subject isn't looking. There are certainly a lot to choose from.

Check out our Twitpics here. More pics coming, too. My phone's Internet is being a little, uh, terrible. Plus, Beth Stirnaman is out taking "real" pictures for us, so that's good.


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