Live from Coachella: Danny DeVito, Faith No More, the XX and Hot Chip

And you thought you had problems seeing over a crowd.
And you thought you had problems seeing over a crowd.
Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly

Hey look! Danny DeVito! Our man Chris Victorio caught him the pit for deadmau5 last night. Just thought we'd share it with ya. (Editor's Note: Andrew Youssef also caught DeVito during LCD Soundsystem's set!

In other news: Cool moment just now...

Faith No More opened their set with a faithfully serene rendition of "Reunited" by Peaches & Herb. No gag, no false starts, just Mike Patton in a red suit and cane, crooning like Burt Baccarat. The punch line came when the band immediate segued into their trademark riffs n' squawking.

Earlier, the XX hypnotized a surprisingly boisterous crowd as the sun set. The band's music seems intimate; today, though, it soundtracked crowd surfers--including one guy in a wheel chair. Later on the same stage, Hot Chip got crowd members moving as furiously as if they were in the Sahara tent. The blokes didn't do much on stage: Hot Chip lets the beats and the light show do the heavy lifting. Smart... after all, it's kinda hot out.

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