Live from Coachella: Actual Music! We Are Scientists!

OMG. The inside of Coachella actually exists. After a Homeric oddyssey getting in here, we're watching We Are Scientists on the main stage. Quite a change from the last time I saw them, which was 2006, in front of a few dozen peeps at the Brickhouse in Phoenix, AZ (now closed, I think). They sound good--doing more well-known tracks like "It's a Hit" and "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" as well as stuff from their 2008 record. They're fun dudes, natch, but it's LOUD. Like, super, distort-y loud. In the words of Ralph Wiggum, "My freaking ears!" Lots of people here already. Oh boy. Check our twitter for pics--can't post them on the blog from the iPhone. There is no app for that. Sadface.


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