Listening To Music All Day Linked To Depression: Here's Five Songs to Get Your Mope On

Because Elliott Smith's always been a picnic
Because Elliott Smith's always been a picnic

Jezebel yesterday published a story saying kids who listen to music are most likely to be depressed, while kids who read books were least likely.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine studied 106 teens, 46 of whom were clinically depressed, over five weekends, and surveyed them repeatedly on their media use. The kids who listened to the most music were the most likely to be depressed; kids who read the most were the least likely. Other forms of media -- TV, movies, magazines, video games, and the Internet -- had no significant effect.

Lead study author Dr. Brian Primack says, "At this point, it is not clear whether depressed people begin to listen to more music to escape, or whether listening to large amounts of music can lead to depression, or both."

"Angeles" Elliott Smith

"I'll Dream Alone" - Magnetic Fields


Jumpers," Sleater Kinney

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" Joy DIvision

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart by hushhush112

"She's Leaving Home," the Beatles

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