Listen to This: "Platypus Beats Presents" Mix!

Listen to This: "Platypus Beats Presents" Mix!

If I had to make the guess, I'd say they call it Platypus Beats because it's made up of a little of everything and it's totally unique--and like Plato Platypus above, the folks at Platypus Beats find beautiful music everywhere.

In honor of my upcoming DJ set at Saturday's Platypus-Beats-Presents show at Alex's in Long Beach including punk from La Ghost, indie pop from Eugene and the 1914 and Colombian vallenato music from Very Be Careful, I put together a mix that I hope gets some of that same spirit.

After the jump: Full playlist with show flier!

Listen to This: "Platypus Beats Presents" Mix!
01. Bo Diddley "Elephant Man"
02. Au Pairs "We're So Cool"
03. Warren Zevon "Poor Poor Pitiful Me"
04. Teenage Fanclub "Born Under A Good Sign"
05. Glueams "365"
06. The Plugz "Wordless"
07. Alex Chilton "Free Again"
08. The Golden Dawn "Starvation"
09. Los Clabeles de Pucallpa "Lamento del Maderero"
10. Slapp Happy "Blue Flower"

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