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Let's face it, good local punk bands are hard to come by these days. Seldom does one find the kind of balls-out, hundred-mile-an-hour fury that fuels sweaty mosh pits and unshakable spiky-haired camaraderie on a consistent basis. And behind the Orange curtain, this is an especially harsh reality. That is, until you step onto the concert floor of a Wastey face show.

Raised on a steady diet of NOFX, Penny Wise and Black Flag, this five-pack of volitile, wise-ass Huntington Beach punks have managed to retain a death grip on the roots that nutured them from the beginning. With a sound as blunt, brash and crass as anything you've heard on a Punk-O-Rama CD over the years, it's hard not to appreciate anti-political, testosterone-driven party lyrics like "it's been three weeks since I last got payed, I may be bored but I still get laid". Nice.

On the heels of a recent CD release, these guys seems poised and ready to rock out all over Orange County with the promise of plenty reckless and wild times still ahead.

OC Weekly Who's in the band and who does what?

Wastey Face: Bradley Styles is on lead vocals, Harmonica, Kazzo, and guitar. Big A  plays lead guitar, and handles background vocals. Chinchilla McFly plays drums and percussion as well as background vocals. Dirty Danchez plays Bass guitar and Lobsta switches between rhythm and lead guitar.

OCW: What motivated you to start the band?


WF: It might of been a case of Magnum 4O-Ozs, an eighteen-pack of beer, a few smokes, or maybe it was the desperate desire to jam.

OCW: Who are your biggest influences and why?

WF: We're pretty much big fans of Bad Religion, NOFX, Descendants, DK, Nardcore, FEAR, Adolescents, Pennywise, Murder City Devils, Black Flag, Successful Failure(HB), RKL, and too many others to remember at the moment...


OCW: What's the best thing that's happened to your band? What's the worst

WF: Our best time together has been in the studio. Another best was playin' cash-box keep away from Daryl, the door guy. The worst is when chicks don't show their boobs when we play our live set.

OCW:There are millions of punk bands and solo artists creating music now. Why

should people listen to you?  

WF: "Why should punks listen to us?"  We have the biggest sack of balls on this side of the Mississippi, and this sack is surrounded by soul! 

Wastey Face performs on Jan. 15 at:

The Blue Cafe

17208 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(562) 592-1302
8 p.m., 21+

Listen to the Band:
Wastey Face-Myspace


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