Listen to the Band: Glass Puppets

Listen to the Band: Glass Puppets

It's no secret that many of us "alt-weekly" types like to puff out our chests and proudly claim the bands that manage emerge successfully onto the world stage from our little sliver of local culture. But now and then it's important to remember that at one time none of us knew who they were. They weren't popular. And with the exception of a solid following of friends and family no one gave a crap about them. Enter: Glass Puppets.


While this gang of Placentia-based musicians may be in their anonymous budding stages, they've already managed to drum up some solid support from bands we already happen to "claim". Bands like The Living Suns and Dusty Rhodes and the River Band are a few of the more established peers in their corner. But besides being active participants in the scene from which these celebrated bands sprang, GP is a force to be reckoned with in their own right. Combining twangy blues textures with hard-driving rock-n-roll, these guys seem to be not only on the right track, but moving very fast at that.


After barely several months as a bona fide group, they are already in the process of recording an album and booking solid gigs (aside from the guerrilla-style shows they like to host in their Anaheim rehearsal space). And judging by the quality of their myspace play list, it's very possible that by this time a year or two from now, you'll be hearing me talking shit about how "I knew these guys back in the day before they were all POPULAR and stuff". For that I apologize in advance.  

OC Weekly: Who's in the band and who does what?


Manar Bustami- Drums, Tyler Long- Bass, Aaron Eldridge-lead Guitar,  Kevin Brady - Guitar, Vocals

OCW:  What motivated you to start the band?


Kevin Brady: We were a bunch of kids that were in separate small projects that didn't really follow through and when we played together, it just felt right and the chemistry was there, and that's when the 'relationship' started.

OCW: Who are your biggest influences and why?


Aaron Eldridge: The Chambers Brothers and Neil Young, because of his sense of style and groove.

Tyler Long: Art, because art is free and there are no rules.

KB: "I'm influenced by so many bands and genre's, it's hard to stick with just one, I just take in whatever I can, kinda, not everything though"

Manar Bustami: I would say just music in general, its something that I couldn't live without, and when I started playing the drums, it just literally became a part of me.

OCW:  What's the best thing that's happened to your band? What's the worst?

MB: The best thing is reaching our short term goals so quickly, I'm pretty of that, and I think were too young as a band to run into any serious problems, hopefully it stays that way.

TL: Just the actual forming of the band, sitting down and saying, 'were gonna start a project', with no bull shit attached"

KB: Finding each other and finishing our first songs right away. Everyone's so motivated and ready, it's just great!"

OCW: There are millions of bands and solo artists creating music now. Why

should people listen to you?


AE: The effort that we put into writing our songs and the heart that's in it.

KB: Cause it'll make you shake yo ass! And think about it.

TL:  I just give a take it or leave it mentality, but I assure that you will most likely take it, and love it!

MB: Because it has great energy! And its so mutual among people, that one just cant help but feel it.

Glass Puppets perform at:

Dipiazza's-Mar. 19. 5204 E Pacific Coast Hwy. Long Beach. (562) 498-2461

www.dipiazza' 7 p.m.



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