Listen to the Band: Dusty Angel and the Have Nots

Listen to the Band: Dusty Angel and the Have Nots

 Don't be alarmed folks. Despite his crazed outward demeanor on stage, or in the photo to your left, Dusty Angel is really just a nice, approachable guy. In fact, if you are a musician and happen to peddle your sonic wares in the belly of Downtown Long Beach, then chances are you actually have approached him, or been approached by him. Aside from fronting the fireball of eclectic energy known as the Have Nots, Angel is also a show promoter for the Blue Cafe. But aside from that, his rhyme skills are the only reason you should give a crap about this post. Picture a puree of Bay Area hyphy, avant garde grit and the goofy, half-drunk nhilism of Eminen (from the Slim Shady LP days). 

Want proof? look no further than the last few bars of "So Side Wayz" to discover this dude's M.O.- "I'm on a Northern Lights high, my egg is already fried and I hang with people that do shit that you won't dare try/ I hang with people that sport colors from all of the sides/ The therapist saw all the signs, I'm officially out of my mind". Who wants to party with this guy on the weekend?

The magnetic energy of Dusty and his crew can usually turn a sluggish, Sunday night gig into an action packed scene from Animal House. Just give 'em a mic and a few beers and these guys are good to go.  Funny to think that the guy prodding you to sell tickets might actually rock the stage better than you isn't it?

OC Weekly: Who's in the band and who does what?

 Dusty Angel: I am the de facto leader of the group "HAVE NOTS" which includes Irox (vocals), B.O.N.E (vocals), Step2 (vocals, production), Jharon (studio engineer, production), St. Nick (production),Ronnie B (production, vocals), & Swan Deuce (vocals). Each member plays an important roll and each member has released solo projects as well as our HAVE NOTS group projects. Aside from rockin' the mic, I wear "many hats". I set up the shows, I set up the studio time, press CD's, create album covers and flyers, if we are doing a show and we need a certain plug, I'll run to GuitarCenter to buy it. When we're in a strange city and we can't find the "medicine" man, I usually get us what we need...


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