Lex Land Eliminated from 'The Voice,' Vows to Keep on Singing Anyway!

If it weren't for Lex Land, who was born and raised right here in Orange County, I wouldn't have bothered watching NBC's 'The Voice.' The sultry, dynamic singer made her presence known making an appearance on the show in late February and impressing the coaches with her rendition of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" before ultimately choosing to be on Blake Shelton's team.

Lex Land was back on the program Monday once more for something called the "battle rounds" (seriously I'm no regular viewer, so if I fuck anything up, tell me!) She displayed more confidence and let everyone know that her singing is not solely defined by its compelling honey-sweet wispy vocals. Ultimately unswayed, Shelton selected singer Charlotte Sometimes to continue on.

Yahoo's Ayanna Guyhto opined as to why the decision was a bad one noting Shelton's comment that he couldn't take his eyes off Charlotte. "The world is accustomed to viewing sex appeal through a few specific visual "formulas." Lex's brand of talent could have broadened the way we view "sex symbols," she wrote, before going on to note the show being called "The Voice" after all. For her part, Lex Land let Facebook fans, old and new, know on Wednesday that she was cool with the whole experience saying:

Thanks for all the live/condolences about The Voice. Just a few things- I'm not sad about it (actually glad it's finally in my past, though it was a great opportunity), I'm NOT going to stop singing (why would I? And I couldn't if I tried), and for those of you wanting to buy a CD, I already have 2 out- you can pick em up at lexland.net or iTunes.com/lexland. Lastly, you guys freakin RULE! Thanks for supporting independent music!

The singer, who relocated to Austin, Texas in 2009, may have been eliminated from the show, but is still giving away a five song sampler for FREE with all the extra exposure from it on her website, including two tracks off her OC-flavored title debut Orange Days on Lemon Street. The offer is only good until next week so consider this your free music Friday and with that, everybody's a winner!

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