Leo Levo at the Yost Theater Midnite Sessions in March
Leo Levo at the Yost Theater Midnite Sessions in March
Cynthia Chavez

Leo Levo's New Dance Night Paints the Yost Black

The vibe tonight at the Yost Theater will probably be a lot different than most weekend revelers are used to. All-black attire is a must, lights will be almost non-existent and there won't be a go-go dancer in sight. The focus on the music sways from progressive house to techno and tech-house grooves. It's kind of a rare staple to see an up-and-coming local DJ headlining a venue as big as the Yost Theater. Then again, few are as stylistically on point as Leo Levo. He headlines the Yost Theater again tonight for another Midnite Session of polished electronic music that strays away from the mainstream.

Born Mehdi Omid Miladi, he recently changed his DJ moniker to Leo Levo in an effort to create his own sound and DJ identity (not to mention to also stop getting confused with the late DJ Mehdi.) Mehdi started deejaying in high school when he took over the DJ role as part of his ASB President duties. He started off playing hip-hop and radio commercial tracks before discovering the underground rave scene in 2007. After being blow away at Monster Massive he found his calling in electronic music and knew that's what he wanted to one day pursue. "I went though everything from Dutch, moombathon to electro to find my sound," says Miladi. "You have to hear the bad to hear the good and vice versa." Luckily for us the darker deeper sounds and tribal drums and snares are what stuck with him over the years and what you can expect from his headlining set at the Yost again.

"I picked black for Midnite Sessions because I love the nighttime," says Miladi. "That's when I work the best. I'm a nightowl and my work ethic then is on point." Passionate about his music, production and overall polished persona his alter ego Leo Levo offers a dark mysterious ambiance unique from most local up-and-commers in OC. His downtempo sounds with minimal vocals blend perfectly with the strobbing lights and all black confetti. But don't misinterpret his love for the darker side of house music because when it comes to delivering drops and reeling in the crowd he knows how to deliver with Adele vocals and the perfect progressive house monster. "I do a little bit of preparing and I do a little bit of free style," says Miladi. "That's what a DJ has to do is read the crowd. Different places may have a different groove so I try to adjust my sets to think what people will enjoy," adds Miladi.

You can tell his song selection is one of a seasoned palette, yet he still knows some crowds, particularly in Orange County, aren't ready for his Ibiza-inspired tribal house influence. His latest Midnite Sessions Volume One Mix splices together the perfect hooks and catchy tunes to reel you in, some bass heavy sounds to keep you dancing and the perfect amount of tech goodness to get any dance music lover hooked. You would think Leo Levo has been deejaying out at major clubs all over the states for years, but his OC nightlife career started a mere year and a half ago. "I just needed to find my groove and personal style," says Miladi. "For seven years I just did house parties, birthdays, graduations and retail stores." Yet he quickly rose from the typical opening DJ time slots to headlining all over OC and LA. If you're into the more intellectual side of EDM that allows you to get lost in the music then we suggest putting on your best dancing shoes and joining Leo Levo in his Midnite Sessions soirée.

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