Lemon Sun Swim With The Fishes

Lemon Sun Swim With The Fishes

This Friday, Los Angeles band Lemon Sun will be playing a show at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific with a host of other vintage-rock minded DJs and bands. Lemon Sun vocalist Rob Kolar explains that playing  for a captive audience of sea creatures will be a first.

"We just don't want the animals to get pissed off. We hope they enjoy the music more than the other people do."

The Los Angeles-born Kolar, 29, has a voice which  bears the subtle whisper of an English accent, a holdover from his years as a boy attending boarding school in the UK. 

The band, which has experienced an almost total lineup change over the past year, including the recent addition of keyboardist John Rogers, has been together for half a decade. The quintet specializes in '60s-era psychedelic garage rock. And although Kolar sees a recent trend in local bands who gravitate toward this era of music, he doesn't feel the style ever truly disappeared.
"You can look at bands in the late '70s who were throwbacks to the '60s. Even the Clash had elements of the blues and rockabilly. The trick is to make it sound authentic and push the envelope and make it sound new," Kolar says.
Lemon Sun plan to bring this approach to fruition in the fall with the release of a new album. Kolar explains that with past recordings, the band was often at the mercy of outside producers, and this time around, Lemon Sun will be in charge.
"It's the first time it's going to reflect what we want to do as a band...This is much more about what we want to do with our music," Kolar says.
And what does Lemon Sun want to do?
"The sound is definitely leaning toward a sound that's a little more raw and natural...and not using too much technology to get that sound."
This fall, Lemon Sun will also perform a month-long residency at Silver Lake venue Spaceland. But for this week, they face an audience teeming with tentacles, teeth and tail fins. The band will share the park with Long Beach's Jail Weddings, 60 Watt Kid and a host of local DJ's who normally spin at Alex's Bar's monthly Secret Affair. Also spinning will be Chris Ziegler of LA Record. With all that shaking rattling and rolling, hopefully nobody gets speared by an enraged stingray.
Jokes Kolar, "We're near the shark tank, for better or worse."


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