Left of the Dial Closes In Seal Beach, Opens a Pop-Up Store in Los Alamitos

Left of the Dial Closes In Seal Beach, Opens a Pop-Up Store in Los Alamitos

We recently got word that Seal Beach Record Store Left of the Dial is closing after today. Kinda. They're really just relocating to a smaller storefront. But that's not stopping them from dropping some going-out-of-business style sales. The shop is closing it's current location off Pacific Coast Hwy and opening a small pop-up store in Los Alamitos, there may even be some future plans to move to Santa Ana in the future, according to owner Geoff Leamon, owner of the store for the last two years. This may come as a shock their regular crate diggers, even though the store has been going through a rough few months of sales.
On Tuesday, the store posted this message on their Facebook:

Well, it looks like we are moving sooner than planned. We had hoped to be here though the rest of 2012 but we now have to be out of our current location by the end of the week. We want to sell as much inventory as possible so all this week - All used vinyl is 30% off, all new vinyl is 15% off. We will be entertaining other offers as well so come down to Seal Beach while you still can...

According to their Facebook page, in addition to the sales on new and used vinyl, all CDs are 50% off. When asked about why the store is relocating, Leamon's answer was simple: the traffic on the roads have affected the traffic in his store. Nestled in the cross hairs of horrible road construction craziness, Leamon--who's had the store for two years-- says their location between the 405  the 605 freeways forces causes most potential from outside the immediate area to say 'screw it' and go elsewhere.

It's definitely been a struggle in Seal Beach," Leamon says. "We've been looking for a new place for a while. It sucks, but it's also because a blessing in disguise once we move to our new permanent location." He doesn't give specifics about where in Santa Ana LOD is planning to eventually move. Even though some beach city locals are pouting about the sudden close of the store, most customers have been pretty okay with it, according to Lemon. At any rate, now is the time to clear them out  LOD's new pop-up store is located at 10678 Los Alamitos Rd. in Los Alamitos. Though the future doesn't look bleak for LOD, it's still best to get over now and say a little prayer for longevity as you snag a bag full of cheap vinyl.

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