Learn the Oscar-winning art of Jai ho

I'm really not sure why I'm showing you this. But after successfully avoiding most of the long-winded Oscars coverage last night, this morning I still find myself caught in the grips of a song that I consider to be on par with an amped-up version of the Macarena. But despite the fact that A.R. Rahman's Oscar-worthy tune "Jai ho" has been boring a hole in my brain like a radioactive sonic worm for the last two hours, I have to say, the dance is twice as lethal. In an irresistible disco-infused concoction of crunk belly dancing (otherwise known as Bollywood dancing), the moves performed by the cast of Slumdog Millionaire in the closing credits will no doubt become a worldwide sensation. And for those who can perform this mystical interpretive choreography on the dance floor, it is an obvious green light into the pants of the opposite sex. But how is it done? Well, two people with too much time on their hands are here to break it down for you. When you have some free time of your own, I'm sure it will come in handy.  How does it compare to the original?


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