Le Castle Vania on Evolving as a DJ: "I got it in my head that if I was a DJ I would get hooked up at all the clubs"

Le Castle Vania on Evolving as a DJ: "I got it in my head that if I was a DJ I would get hooked up at all the clubs"

Dylan Eiland, known to fans as Le Castle Vania got into music early. As a teenager, he played in bands and found electronic music at raves in his Atlanta hometown. His remixes quickly got into the right hands and he has made a career out of playing and producing music since. Having just flown into the states from a tour in Italy and France, Le Castle Vania is ready to take on Orange County at the Yost Theater in the downtown Santa Ana Art District tonight. I caught up with Dylan for an interview about how he got started as a DJ, how his music has changed over the years and what we should expect from his upcoming album.

"A big part of it came from wanting to go to parties and not being able to get in. Somehow I got it in my head that if I was a DJ I would get hooked up at all the clubs," he says. He threw a giant warehouse party when he was just 16 years old, reaching out to a bunch of DJs in town. That was his first big "in" to the EDM scene. "After that I knew a few heads, people would let me DJ their events, and it just went from there," he explains.

Today Dylan throws a monthly event in Atlanta called F*CK YESSS which sells out to 1,200 fans a month. It's quite the step up from his first party--and it's growing every month. "The biggest change is that today music is my full time job. It just grew and evolved naturally over the past five to six years and I even launched my own label," he says. His sound is also evolving and growing as his tastes change. "A lot of DJs are trying to attach themselves to whatever is popular at the moment. I try not to follow too many trends. I like to develop my own natural sound," he says.

Le Castle Vania's music is highly influenced by rock and indie rock with a high energy electro sound. His sets are usually aggressive and filled with banging electronic music. He has also developed something great that isn't necessarily the cliche current sound with his new original track "The Light." This song fills an important void in the EDM scene right now with its classic house sound. "My goal is to create an album I am excited about. I am really taking my time to make a statement of who I am as an artist. Most of my work up to this point has been remixes with a handful of singles and original songs. I feel it's time I release my own album and write an entire body of work on my own."  

The album, which he hopes will be finished this month, is based on a lot of songs written with vocals in mind. Working with composer Tyler Bates, he's learned to think about music in new ways. "I've got a tons of new music to preview at the Yost," he says, adding, "I love Orange County." And why not? Eiland says, "The people are down to party--and for a DJ you can't ask for more than that. For me it's about creating a good atmosphere with good vibes. I want people to come to my shows to cut loose and get buck wild!"


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