"Latinos Love Morrissey" Meme Goes Swedish Yet Local!

Many moons ago, I wrote mucho music reviews for the Weekly. The one I still get e-mail about years later was my 2002 take on why Latinos love Morrissey so much. I included the essay in my recent ¡Ask a Mexican! book, meaning people now know why you can reduce many cholos to quivering pussies by blasting "This Charming Man" or "The Headmaster Ritual."

One of the fans I interviewed for the piece was Patricia Godinez, a lecturer with the English department at Cal State Fullerton. Today, Godinez e-mailed me to reveal that she was interviewed by Kobra, a culture show in Sweden, about her Latin love for Morrissey after reading the Weekly's article. Watch the clip here (Godinez is the lovely lady interviewed about a minute into the clip), and skoal!


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