Late Coachella Sets = Big Time Fines?

Here's something interesting from the OC Register's Soundcheck blog via Palm Springs local news station KESQ: Apparently, Coachella promoters Goldenvoice are liable to be fined $1,000 PER MINUTE for every minute sets went past midnight this past weekend. Yipes.

Sure, there's a reason why shows, especially giant, outdoor ones like this, have a certain curfew. Call me naive, but I would ever guess that said curfews could be enforced with such stiff penalties. I decried that the Cure getting cut off while starting "Boys Don't Cry" Sunday night was pretty lame, and from a music fan's standpoint, it absolutely was, but it does make a lot more sense from a rational (and fiscal) perspective now. Seeing as how McCartney, by KESQ's numbers, went to 12:54, Saturday went 30 over and the Cure got yanked 33 past, that's $117,000 of fines, which is an ouch and a half.

Questions linger: why did the Cure get cut off and not anyone else? Why can't a giant festival like this plan better so this doesn't happen? Is Indio going to be totally lame and actually enforce these fines?


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