Last Night: The V-Guns at Avalon

Remember when I told you about Mondays at the Avalon in Costa Mesa? Yeah, do you? Remember I said it was pretty rad considering there ain't shit going on that night? Well, the fun continues as the V-Guns played their first of three consecutive Monday night shows last night. I was there. Where were you?

I'd never head of the band before and I'm guessing most of you haven't either. But you should. Imagine the Reverend Horton Heat growing up in Orange County instead of Texas and you've got the V-Guns. And by that I mean surf/psychobilly mixed with classic OC punk.

I didn't check their IDs, but even in a dark room I could tell the band was young. Also, they started right on time, which old man bands never do.

There are a handful of reasons why the V-Guns tore it up last night.

For starters, all three players are really solid, regardless of their age. The drummer's got the sort of pep in his step that comes from an abundance of youthful energy, the bassist was laying it down smoothly and the singer/guitarist shred like a teenage Brian Setzer. Way cool all around.

Second, the V-Guns' set was at least half instrumental. I love instrumental bands and rarely do I hear a group that seems to want to play sans vocals as much as they do with. Kudos to you V-Guns.

Finally, and most importantly, the V-Guns kept it short. The tunes were two minutes or less and the entire set clocked in slightly under the half hour mark. Any musician reading this should take note: If we don't know your songs, we don't want to hear you all fucking night. The singer joked that they played short because that was all the songs they knew, but the length was perfect.

I think there were two covers played. One was the theme to "The Endless Summer" and the other could have been a Cramps song, but considering the rock 'n' roll formula, it could have just as easily not been.

As a vegan, I kept my fingers crossed for the off-chance of free food. Apparently, the name V-Guns might not have anything to do with my diet. Other than that, a stellar show all around. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys are a force to be reckon with in OC sometime in the near future. It might be with this band or it might be something else, but each member has a bright future.

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