Last Night: Blues Jam at Liquid Lounge

The term "blues jam" sends douchechills down my spine. Typically, a blues jam is a few old white guys who've never met running through haphazard versions of some of the genre's most well-known tunes. This always (and I do mean always) is a problem because, for example, the bass player might know "Back Door Man," but he's always played it the Willie Dixon/Howlin' Wolf way, not the Doors. Or maybe the guitarist absolutely shreds Robert Johnson's "Ramblin' on My Mind," but the rest of the group knows a more Chicago blues take on the song.

As you can tell, blues jams can be a mess. But, like a broken clock, sometimes they can be pretty good. Take last night for example. I was enjoying a white sangria at downtown Long Beach's Sevilla when my friend told me he got a text from another friend who was at the Liquid Lounge. I didn't want to leave Sevilla, but I also didn't want to drink by myself.

I had no idea there was any live music at the Liquid Lounge, and knowing there was a blues jam might have changed my mind, but there I was. Two seconds in, I realized the quartet was really effing good.

Whether or not it was a typical blues jam was hard to tell. The first few songs I caught had two guitarists, but one of them bailed about fifteen minutes after I got there. Then a girl from the crowd sang "Born Under a Bad Sign" and "Hoochie Coochie Man."

The drummer, bassist and guitarist/singer remained throughout and seemed to be on point when it came to song selection, leading me to believe this might not have been three strangers ruining one of my favorite types of music. In fact, the trio was really tight and the bass player -- short, thin, early 60s, balding white hair -- was KILLING it.

The blues jam was so nice I forgot all about the white sangrias I left behind. Kudos to you, Monday Night Blues Jam. I'll be back.

PS I woulda taken pictures, but if you got this far in my post, you realize I didn't plan on hearing any live music last night. But sometimes the bands you don't expect to see can be the most entertaining.


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