Last Night: B-52s @ HOB on 5/11

By Christopher Victorio

B-52s @ House of Blues Anaheim, May 11, 2008

Better Than: Spending 6 hours with pre-teens screaming in my ear on Saturday at Wango Tango.

Download: Tracks from the B-52s newly released album Funplex

PhotobucketOn Sunday at the House of Mouse, the B-52s rocked out to a completely sold-out crowd of thirtysomethings. Promoting a new album after more than a decade of absence, the Georgian quartet came out from hiding under their rock (lobster) with a bevy of new tunes to dance and party to.

Their new album, Funplex, offers its loyal followers a crisp, edgy rock to modernize their sound but keeps that '80s pop feel that B-52s fans know and love.

The band looked great much like a fine red wine; The older the better. Kate and Cindy looked better than the OC Housewives (I think I spotted Tammy Knickerbocker there sitting on the other side of VIP and, trust me, she's looked better). Kate, the redheaded bombshell wore a loose red poofy blouse with decorated with two peace sign necklaces. Cindy had her captains hat on, Fred wore his shades and Keith was transported back to the '60s with the slim tie.

However, if time could be rewound, it would have benefited the band to have it set back before Cindy Wilson's voice was taken from her. She can still sing, but throughout the night, the high notes that Cindy could hit years ago were gone. Kate would muffle and camouflage the drop in Cindy's tone every time, making the change less noticeable. But add some strobes to her voice and you have the beginning of temporary dementia.

For some of the fans upstairs, many of whom were waiting for specific songs, the last song of the set Love Shack was worth the entire cost of entry. This is were Keith and the band's bassist got their jam session going on. The floor breathed up and down as everyone in attendance danced.

Critic's Notebook: Personal Bias: I love the B-52s. They could do no wrong by me.

Random Detail: It took me about 10 minutes to get from the back of the House to stage right in the photo pit. But wait! There was no photo pit! Everyone in attendance was packed like sardines on the floor. I got to the back and then made my way upstairs. I had to go tight and low to get the shots.

View more photos from the live performance here.


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