Last Friday: Delta Nove in Long Beach

Last Friday: Delta Nove in Long Beach

Last Friday I wrote something about Long Beach's Delta Nove playing a free show that evening. Well, allergies nearly prevented me from not attending, but the thought of disappointing you, the loyal Heard Mentality reader, forced me out of the apartment for this here report.

I got to the show around 8ish, just in time for Delta Nove's percussion set. I really dig these guys' blend of funk/jam/jazz/Brazilian tunes, but the all-percussion set is always the highlight. Each member grabs something to beat on and well, they beat on it. I don't care if you are the most discriminating arms-folded-because-I'm-too-cool-for-anything-and-everything person, you'll dance to this. I guarantee.

After a half hour or so, D-No picked up their instruments and played some great funk, which ain't easy. Funk can be incredibly earth shaking or it can be freakin' embarrassing. Bassist Viking was laying it down for the swarms of people -- adults and kids -- to get their groove on.

I highly recommend seeing Delta Nove and checking out one of these shows at the outdoor amphitheater at Shoreline Village. The water is literally twenty feet behind the band and it's impossible to not enjoy the sun setting, absolutely perfect weather and a harmonious blend of people sitting back and soaking in a summer's night. The gig was thrown by the people at Summer and Music, an organization promoting a ton of free local shows in Long Beach this summer. Many of these are outdoors because that's why we live in SoCal, isn't it?

PS Big ups to Rick Berry for the picture. I forgot my camera, but he brought his and was kind enough to email me the photo.


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