Last Friday: Bands and Models

Last week I told you all about the pairing of fashion and bands that was taking place Friday at Shore Ultra Lounge in Long Beach. Well, in a very rare move, I left my apartment to check this shindig out. And you know what? It wasn't half bad. Maybe this hermit thing isn't where it's at.

I was curious to see how the event organizers were going to combine the two elements. Let's face it: music and good looking people go together, but do they go together on stage? The answer is yes. When I walked in, I noticed a tiny runway set up in front of the stage. This is where the models strutted their stuff. Unfortunately, and I don't feel bad for saying this because I think everyone involved would cop to what I'm about to critique, but the runway was too tiny. So small in fact the models didn't have much room to walk. With a girlfriend in fashion, I know how important the walk is.

Ah, but that's here nor there as the models (split nearly evenly between female and male -- a fashion rarity) were having a good time and so were the people in the audience. What made the show really interesting was the models walked for about 10 minutes while a band played behind a screen, allowing only their silhouette to show through. Once the models were done, the curtain rose and the groups played on.

Before I close out this section of my review, may I take a moment to point out that one of the models was a 100 percent dead ringer for Kim Kardashian? All the way down to the nether regions if you know what I mean. Girl, go to Vegas and get in one of them look-alike shows before Kardashian ceases to be a celebrity.

First up was RoMak & the Space Pirates. The group opened with a pretty nifty dance instrumental that suggested I might dig them a bunch. The remainder of the set left me feeling like a critic -- something I absolutely despise. You see, they carried on with a Bowie/Ziggy Stardust circa 2009 vibe that just ain't my thing. I could tell that the band is talented, that people who like this type of music would be into them. It's an unpopular statement, but I've never understood the Bowie appeal. It just isn't what I care to listen to. Like celery. I'm a vegan. I love all sorts of greens. I appreciate the benefits of celery, but I can't fucking stand the stuff. Don't get me wrong: I enjoyed RoMak much more than I do celery, but you catch my drift.

Long Beach's On Blast was next. These local dudes are like the best band I've heard in a loooooong time. Seriously, I might not have shown it when they were playing, but I was as into their tunes as much as the young attractive girls shaking their asses during the set. If it was socially acceptable for me to be dancing to a bunch of guys on stage, I would have been down in front too. On Blast plays a very unique blend of hip-hop, pop, funk and folk that makes me realize that not all new bands suck.

There was another band, but I was driving and, being Mr. Responsible, needed a beer. So my friend and I hopped in my car and drove to our neighborhood so we could have a few drinks and still walk home. Yes kids, doing the right thing is cool.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I'm not a professional photographer and the lighting in the venue was set up for models, not for guys with amateur cameras.

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