Landis sues MJ over 'Thriller' dues

Usually, breaking news of Michael Jackson's legal troubles manages to escape this blog. But since most of you probably find yourselves unemployed these days, there is a slight chance that you spent a little extra time flipping through the entertainment section of your slowly extinguishing newspaper of choice. If so, then you know that MJ has moon walked his ass into some legal trouble over the 1983 chart-topping music video "Thriller". According to a recent story posted in Variety Magazine, it appears the King of Pop is getting popped with a fat lawsuit due to his failure to pay John Landis, director and co-writer of the video,  his fair share of the profits that the video has made over the last four years. A Yahoo account says that the dollar amount of the suit is not confirmed, but will most likely land somewhere near the $1million mark. If all this is true, I'm sure Mike's prized 80's wardrobe has GARAGE SALE written all over it.

I tried slapping on the original "Thriller" video from You Tube, but it didn't quite work out. Fortunately I had no problem acquiring the Indian version. It's slightly different, but brilliant in its own right. Enjoy.


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