Lamb of God: Too Dangerous for LA, Just Right for Anaheim

Faithful Central Bible Church, the owners of The Forum in Inglewood, have (again) deemed Lamb of God not worthy of playing in their arena. They were scheduled to open up for Metallica there on Dec. 17 and 18.

The good news, though, is that even though the band, whose debut album was called Burn the Priest and who recently released a DVD entitled Walk with Me in Hell, will indeed be performing Dec. 16 at the Grove of Anaheim as scheduled. Which proves that even though we might be traditionally more conservative than LA county, we're clearly much more accepting of sacrilegious metal bands. And isn't that the true measure of a place?

In a press release, Lamb of God made it clear that they "do not worship Satan, or have any radical religious beliefs." Way to make them sound a lot less cool, press release.


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