Lady Sovereign Drops 'So Human'

Drops? You like that? I'm hip with the kids.

Anyway, 5'1'' female British emcee released her new single, "So Human," today. The track is available for download here.

Or you hear it for free here.

The tune samples the Cure's "Close to Me," and while I'm on the fence about hip-hop butchering some of my favorite songs, I'm way into the S-O-V and the Cure, so it's a match made in heaven.

I got a copy of Lady Sovereign's debut, Public Warning, and let it sit on my desk for about six months because the hype was too much. Female. British. Short. Some sort of connection to Jay-Z. I'm a skeptic by nature and there was no way that record was anything other than a marketing scheme.

Well, for some reason that I still haven't figured out, I put the album on one day while taking a shower. I've got this rule: If I can dance to it in while scrubbing my nether regions, it's a hit. Needless to say, my shit got real clean that day.

I'm still bumping that disc and hope this new one is at least half as good. It's a killer party record and especially great for treadmill runs at the gym. Most would laugh at me, but Public Warning is easily the best hip-hop album of the past two-three years.

And since we're talking about Lady Sovereign, she's playing at the Echo in Silver Lake this Friday. Rumor has it she's doing a bunch of new songs, which is usually a bummer when you're never heard any new songs, but it's better than nothing.

I'll be there and so should you.

If you're reading this S-O-V, puh-leaze give us a few songs we know.


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