Lady Gaga's Male Fans Tell Us Why They Came to See Mother Monster

There was a scene in the underrated movie The Campaign where Zach Galifiankis’ character Marty Huggins proclaims in a campaign commercial, “Last year I attended a Halloween party dressed up as Lady Geh-Gah. I felt so alive and free, I did not take off the costume…for two days.”

That’s right, he said it like that.

Anyway, with that in mind, we headed out to the Polo Fields in search of people who’d be considered the biggest Ga-guys. That’s a phrase we made up to describe Gaga’s male Little Monsters. Before her set (and after Bon Iver’s) it was a lot easier to spot these fellas. But over the course of the day, many of these folks either blended in with the crowd — or were at other stages — but weren’t getting in line at the front of the stage to see Gaga.

This didn’t deter us from roaming around the fields in search of the biggest male Lady Gaga fans. Unfortunately, as far as we saw, none of the dudes in the crowd could pull of the full Gaga look, but neither did the thousands of women we came across either.

Surprisingly, many of the Ga-guys didn’t want to talk to us or let us take their photo, since after all, Lady Gaga is so over-the-top you’d expect her fans to be just as fearless, like Marty Huggins.

We did chat with a few of the Ga-guys and learned when and why they decided to come. We got the tale of the tape from some of her biggest fans, which by the time her set kicked off, the crowd as far back as any in the years since the Tupac hologram.

Pardeep, Calgary, 30

Beyoncé or Lady Gaga?

Were you disappointed when she was off the bill?
A little, yes.

Did you grab your wristband before or after the cancellation?

Is Gaga a suitable replacement?
I just recently watched Gaga’s halftime show at the Super Bowl, but I was really looking forward to hearing Beyoncé. Even if she’s pregnant, I want to hear that voice.

So you’re an eh Gaga fan and up on Beyonce?

Mark, Chicago

Are you excited for Lady Gaga?
Super excited to the point where I’m going to have a heart attack.

Did you grab your wristband before or after the cancellation?
After the cancellation.

So you came here for Gaga?
For sure! 100 percent yes.

What does she mean to you?
My world! I got a few tattoos. She’s my everything.

What do you expect from her set?
She’s gonna amaze the hell out of me of course!

Steven, San Diego, 32

Did you buy your ticket before or after Lady Gaga was announced?

Are you excited to see her?
She was the best option after Beyoncé that’s for sure. I’d much rather see an unpregnant Lady Gaga over a twin pregnant Beyoncé.

What are you excited about for tonight?
Gaga. She’s one of my favorite artists and can’t wait to see her. Future too, and the Sahara is gonna be bumpin’.

Mikey, Colorado Springs, 26

Did you buy your wristband before or after Beyonce cancelled?
Before. I always do the pre-order.

Were you upset when she cancelled?
Not really. I mean, I was going to see everyone else anyway so it didn’t really matter to me.

How stoked were you when Lady Gaga was announced as the replacement?
You know, I heard rumors coming so I expected it. I’m actually really excited. I think it’s going to go down. I’d never buy a ticket personally to see her show, but at a festival I’d definitely see her.

But you bought the t-shirt.
I did buy it, I guess I needed to buy some swag.

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you to see her?
10! I’m super excited!

Oscar, Long Beach

What does Lady Gaga mean to you?
It’s so funny because she wouldn’t want to take credit for it because she believes so much in her fans and what she preaches. But I came out because of her and she wouldn’t want me to say because her answer would be “No baby, you did that on your own because you found the bravery within yourself.” The thing is, she helped me blossom. When she first came out, she came out with the fame and I was like “Okay girl, I see you and I was down to dance.” Then she did Fame Monster and it was fucking incredible. Like genius. When she came out with Born This Way, she had so many influence and I hate that people don’t understand that. They immediately compare her to Madonna but she’s more than that. You hear the Bruce Springsteen, the Iron Maiden, the Queen, so many different styles of music mixed in her. I fucking love her for that. When she came out with Born This Way, the song that really struck was “The Edge of Glory” because that was about a celebration of life and whatever negativity, whatever you didn’t like about yourself, it’s dead. And now you’re reborn and you’re on the edge of this glorious moment and you’re celebrating yourself because you’re finally accept yourself.

So it’s safe to say you were a little bit excited when she was added.
Oh my god! Don’t get me wrong, I love Beyonce and grew up with her. But obviously she’s having twins and she can’t be here. When Gaga got added — but before I wasn’t going to come — but I was like damn, girl, let me Venmo you $500 and i don’t care. So definitely.

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