La Chupacabra Records Posts New Music

So in my last post about the newly minted La Chupacabra Records, I left you with the promise of "more news on this mysterious label as it develops". Well, it's developing, kinda.

To start, the label recently posted some new music, a demo version of a yet-to-be titled Living Suns track. By the way, you'll probably be able to catch it live when they head to the Gypsy Lounge starting this Thursday for their July residency.

In other news, the label founded by Tyler Jacobs, Alex Ahmadi and Kyle Schuster, is bumping the release of multiple 7" splits by The Growlers, Audacity, Gestapo Khazi, The Living Suns and My Pet Saddle back a month. They are now scheduled to be released sometime in August. A real shocker. Not really. Keep your eyes and ears posted for more on this mysterious record label as it develops.


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