Kutmah Gives First Interview Since Deportation

Kutmah Gives First Interview Since Deportation

Our sister publication LA Weekly has an exclusive interview with Dublab and Low End Theory-affiliated DJ, Justin "Kutmah" McNulty. He was detained by Department of Homeland Security authorities in May, after failing to honor a voluntary deportation notice that he had signed over a decade earlier. Despite a Twitter campaign to prevent the musician from leaving the country and holding various fundraisers for his legal aid, Kutmah was deported to England two weeks ago, after his detention in a New Mexico processing center. Born in Brighton, Kutmah revealed plans to play a  big Brainfeeder London show, and has been keeping busy with a radio show and recording music. Because of his abrupt detention and deportation, he was not able to take any of his belongings with him. "I've basically been living off three t-shirts. It's like I'm camping," he says. Kutmah, who says his detention was a shock, says he did not expect the treatment he received.

I didn't have a criminal record and I acknowledge that it was irresponsible to not have the proper paperwork, but I was treated like a common criminal. They called where I was a processing center, but it was like a prison. A 24 hour lock down. I was in there with people who had been in there for 8 years, 16 years. I was a person who didn't have the right paperwork, locked up next to guys boasting about their crimes, about shooting this person or that person, and I was sitting there wondering how it all happened.

The whole account of living in a detention center is riveting; read it all here.


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