KROQ Locals Only Spending Some Time with OC Bands

KROQ Locals Only Spending Some Time with OC Bands

Up until relatively recently, I wasn't even aware that KROQ had a local show, but then I learned about Locals Only (good name), which airs Sunday nights.

Given the huge area that KROQ covers, I figured that it would be 95% LA bands, but, surprisingly, they do an alright job of representing OC and the LBC as well (though it's often only one OC band a week--that's more than I'd expect from a commercial radio station, really). And it's not just the Matt Costas of the world, either. In recent weeks, the Kat Corbett-hosted show has played the Union Line, the Jakes, the Fling, Venus Infers and Pop Noir. Check out the show's space on KROQ's site, and they've got an interview and video with the Jakes up.

KROQ Locals Only has even be sponsoring local residencies; last month with the Jakes at eVocal, and the Union Line's Thursday night June residency at Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest, which started off last night (check out pics and live commentary from there on our Twitter). Either way, it's sorta nice to see that one of CBS Radio's few surviving modern rock stations at least pays a little attention to us here in Orange County, proving that even if we are the red-headed stepchild to LA in their eyes, at least we're one with a few good bands.

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