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Krewella Want to Play Hard With OC Fans This Weekend

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Starting as a side project in high school the new electro trio that is Krewella was formed by sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf after meeting Kris Trindl, also known as Rainman, at a party in 2007. "It kind of just happened naturally," says Jahan. "We never had professional training in music theory or anything and are all three self taught." Growing up in the artsy Chicago West Loop these three were isolated from the music scene and created their own zone to learn from each other with influences from progressive house, electro, moombahton and dubstep. "We make creepy music that's definitely progressive with melodic vocals," shares Yasmine. "We make music based on what we feel is good whether that be moombathon or dubstep, but we don't want to be pigeon holed into one sound," adds Trindl.

This seems to be the popular trend with younger DJs and producers. EDM is slowly becoming M or just music encompassing all sub genres of electronic dance music. Most DJs are blending their styles to play a little of everything and Krewella is no exception. When asked how they feel about the trap music movement Yasmine says "I think it's easy to jump on the bandwagon and make a so so trap song, but when it's done by someone who is very talented like Flosstradamus or Diplo then the quality is there and it's really dope." Krewella is largely inspired by the music which they grow up listening to like Incubus, Tool, A Perfect Circle and Bloc Party. "That's what I listened to as a teenager developing and figuring out who I was," explains Jahan.

Now with a five song EP titled "Play Hard" Krewella claims to be influenced by all types of artists like Nero, Skrillex, X-Core and Netsky. "We came up with this concept of working hard and playing harder because no matter what we are doing whether it be partying or making music we always go hard," says Yasmine. "You have to have that balance in your life," added Jahan. "Jameson surrounded nights are when we play the hardest. We don't always party at our shows, but you have to in Vegas." Together Jahana and Yasmine co-write songs and sing over Rainman's productions to create the signature sound on the Krewella EP. They have been keeping EDM fans at festivals and clubs all over the world happy with their unique take on dance music. This weekend they are playing three shows in 24 hours including two in Las Vegas and then one at Ten Nightclub in Orange County.

"I think we will bring it even harder at Ten in Newport Beach than in Vegas," says Yasmine. After doing two shows before and running on little sleep you can only wonder how delirious they really may be. "You kind of learn how to play when you are exhausted and in the moment," says Jahan. "The lights come on and you go holy shit you're surrounded by a bunch of people." On Sunday night they will be surrounded by a bunch of young enthusiastic EDM fans as part of Identity Management and Insomniac's Volume Sundays. This Sunday Funday party has been going on for a couple weeks now headed by INTO THE AM and Cali Connect who make sure the best OC 18-and-over party people are lining the doors week after week. So if you are ready for some pop melodies and sensuality mixed with some epic dubstep drops make sure to make it out Sunday and check out this talented trio taking over the EDM scene by storm.

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