Konsept Goes Big with Arts & Music Festival in Downtown Santa Ana
Tyson Pruong

Konsept Goes Big with Arts & Music Festival in Downtown Santa Ana

Konsept, the local art collective that have kept a lasting influence over downtown SanTana's nightlife art scene, have come a long way from just being a rap duo shooting videos of their good deeds. Growing in size from two to nearly twenty members of artists, musicians, videographers, designers, and photographers, Konsept has overseen the growth of the city's artistic vitality and adapted with it, even helping to shape its current state of prosperity.

Tyson Pruong, leader and main voice of Konsept, is always quick to redirect praise and honors to the other members, whom he says are the real talents deserving of recognition. But one thing Pruong can readily admit for sure is that this has been Konsept's best year ever. With the trust of local gallery owners, bar owners and other artists, Pruong's been able to curate a series of art-slash-music showcases to bring his talented friends more time to shine in the spotlight with the "Konsept Presents" brand name front and center.

This Saturday during downtown art walk, Konsept will be hosting the biggest event it's ever produced. Not only will there be artists displays and a beefed-up music showcase, but also a chance to paint all over the walls of the venue space- just bring your own paint, guys.

In the works for over two months, the Konsept Arts & Music Festival will include performances by musicians in a range of musical styles: from offbeat experimental duo Dragonsoundz, to notable local acts Kalva Won, China Woman, and Time & Energy. In addition, the usual suspects of Konsept artists will be displaying their artwork, while local businesses Rumorz Kutz, Urban Vapes, Left of The Dial Records will be on hand for you to check them out. In addition, Konsept secured a sponsorship with Jarritos, so the first couple of hundred visitors can claim a bottle of a refreshing Mexi drink.

The biggest, long awaited art walk in OC is almost upon us, with more than usual in store to check out. For the full info with the list of musicians and vendors, check out the handy dandy flier. And oh yeah- there's an after party at the Yost. See you there!

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